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Our Story

We are a home grown, a startup from our own backyard of our ancestors home from a village in Tamil Nadu.

Fascinated by the undocumented remedies, gathered and passed on by our ancestors, we thought of going around to collect these remedies in full fledge which was more of an exciting journey too.It took us almost a year just to talk to many grandmothers who were more than happy to share what they had learnt from their grandmothers!

After almost trying these products on ourselves for 2 Years, we decided to share this product with our relatives, friends and neighbours. Overwhelmed with the responses, we decided to share this product with everybody. That is how PureOnly was born!

We do have lot of homemade products coming up soon!

100% Homemade Products


PureOnly Traditional Head-To-Toe Baby Bath Ubtan Powder (0- 6 Yrs)

This powder has been used by ancestors for Babies when there is no Chemical Soaps and Shampoos. Still many households in India follow these as Home Remedies and apply for Babies while bathing.

PureOnly Homemade Shikakai Anti Hair-fall and Dandruff Natural Hair Wash Powder (No Lather) More than 20 Herbal Ingredients

Shikakai Powder has been used traditionally for hair care in the Indian Subcontinent since ancient times. We mix Shikakai Powder with other dried plants and herbs. Even this Powder is still used by many Households.

PureOnly Egg Shell Powder

An eggshell is the outer covering of a hard-shelled egg and of some forms of eggs with soft outer coats. Eggshells discarded as wastes from different sources like hotels, houses etcWe save all the chicken eggs, cleaned with hot water, processed and grind into a fine powder.Studies suggest that we may be missing out on a valuable source of calcium when we toss out eggshells.


We have been asked by many parents on “how to avoid dry skin for babies?”

Step: 1. Take 2 spoon of PureOnly Ubtan Powder in a bowl…

Remember Shikakai Powder?  Tired of using chemical soaps and shampoos?

Are you the one who is more concerned on hair growth?

Step by Step Process : Bathing your baby with PureOnly Traditional Ubtan Powder

After many requests from our customers asking on how to bath a baby with our powder.

Story Behind PureOnly Baby Head To Toe Baby Bath Ubtan Powder

our ancestors used these powders containing traditional ingredients to bath their new born babies.

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