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An eggshell is the outer covering of a hard-shelled egg and of some forms of eggs with soft outer coats. Eggshells discarded as wastes from different sources like hotels, houses etcWe save all the chicken eggs, cleaned with hot water, processed and grind into a fine powder. Studies suggest that we may be missing out on a valuable source of calcium when we toss out eggshells.

Egg shells which are sterilized, dried, grounded and sieved to Fine mesh powders which can be directly used source of bio-calcium in medicine and poultry feeds

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What will happen when we put this eggshell powder for our gardens or plants?

calcium from eggshells is also welcome in garden soil. As they break down, eggshells act like a natural fertilizer, providing plants with valuable nutrients. You can plant the eggshell right into the garden and since the shell is organic it will decompose. Many gardeners find that eggshells help prevent blossom end rot in tomato plants. Eggshells contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium

What are the benefits when you use this PureOnly Egg Shell Powder for Dogs and Cats ?

One of the most important supplements you’ll need to add to your dog’ meal is calcium , Eggshells are a natural way to boost your dog’s intake of bone-friendly nutrients. Dogs in the wild would get calcium through eggs they raid from nests and by chewing their prey’s bones. You can add this powder as a diet eggshells to your dog or cat. The egg is also a great source of protein; it helps build muscle, strengthen the hair, and repair tissue. Hardboiled is the most foolproof and straightforward method for feeding eggs to your pet, since there is no need for extra non-stick ingredients

Do you know that you can add this as a tooth powder for brushing your teeth?

Both teeth and eggshells are made of stone-like minerals containing mostly calcium. Eggshells are made of calcium carbonate. Enamel consists of minerals that protect the tooth, enamel protects the tooth from decay.
Egg shells are high in Calcium and 27 other minerals that can help regrow our teeth.
Hence, it is quite effective in curing cavities. It has also been backed by scientific research.

Do you know that Egg Shell Powders can accelerate for cement-bound materials by many people around the worlds?

Eggshell powder has been used and proved good accelerator for cement-bound materials by many people around the worlds. In ancient days, ancestors mix this percentage egg shell powder along with building materials. The results indicated that Egg Shell Powder can successfully be used as partial replacement of cement in concrete production.
Egg shells contain almost 100% calcium carbonate, which, in the form of limestone.
As egg shell contains calcium compounds, hence it will increase the strength of concrete to some extent.
There is a limit of percentage which you add to cement.

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    I used this for my plants. It’s nice.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Manu Kant

    Very prompt service. Very polite. Very considerate seller. And the product is very effective.

    I am happy to be their customer. I am consuming this egg shell for my osteoporosis issues.

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