PureOnly Head-To-Toe Baby Bath Ubtan Powder

                                 Traditional Way to Bath your Baby

In older days our ancestors used these powders containing traditional ingredients to bath their new born babies. But today, this generation mommies have interest in these powders, but they are not aware of how to use these natural powders to their babies. Still many moms in this generation are searching for Natural Products for their babies, because they had a bad experience using chemical products

It took us almost a year just to talk to grandmothers who were more than happy to share what they had learnt from their grandmothers! After almost trying these products on ourselves for 2 Years, we decided to share this product with our relatives, friends and neighbors.

Overwhelmed with the responses, we decided to share this product with everybody. We thought a giving a re-birth to these powders which our ancestors had taught us. That is how PureOnly was born!

We, PureOnly make it simple for the mommies to bath their children in a traditional way. Many used to question us that “Do these powders create allergy to their babies?” which will be more disappointing one to hear. Because in those days, all our ancestors use these kinds of powders to bath their babies naturally. Normally, this question must be raised while buying harmful chemical soaps and body wash products. Preparation of this powder was taught by our grandmother, in older days which we used for our children and grandchildren. Inspired by the fruitful benefits passed on by our ancestors we would like to bring you the same experience as we had.

If you are using our ubtan powder or if you are the one who is still making it in home. We would like to know your experiences!

1) Raw materials collected from the market
2) GreenWholeGram, Fenugreek, Dal, Neem Leaves, Reetha and Vettiver
3) All the ingredients dried in Sun for about 10-12 days
4) Grind it till it powdered nicely
5) Packed it in 200 grams and 1 KG (Standard Packing)

                                     How Does it benefit your Baby

1) Your baby is safe from all the Chemicals and Can be used for babies instead of chemical Soaps and Shampoos
2) Gives Hair and Body a smooth and brightens the skins for Babies
3) Skin whitening and glowing skin from Fenugreek and a natural Moisturizer leaves you soft with no dryness
4) Helps in Hair Growth with the help of dried SoapNut (Reetha) and Natural cleanser for Hair from Green Gram – Vitamin A and C
5) Doesn’t irritate your infant eyes
6) Soapnuts gives a Stunning and Shiny look hair for your Infants
7) Vetiver gives more fragrance to your baby once after bath, and contains antioxidants, which helps to protect skin from environmental stressors
8) It doesn’t produce any lather