Homemade Shikakai Powder

What is Shikakai ?

Shikakai is a shrub that looks like a small tree. Shikakai has been traditionally used in Indian Households during ancient times to wash their hair.

This is considered as one of the auurvedic medical plants. They use this Pure Shikakai Powder even to cure skin diseases.

Early in 1500’s, people in India used Shrubs “Fruit of Hair” and mix with up with 20 more different natural ingredients to make a Pure Shikakai Powder.

Pure Shikakai doesn’t provide lather. Usually they don’t use any conditioners.

It has anti-fungal elements which will help to fight dandruffs. It has lot of nutrients to help and grow hair thicker and stronger.


Takes time to bath.

Not aware of its benefits.

Doesn’t produce lather like shampoo.

Aroma is less.

Fear to loose hair

Not aware of its ingredients relating to medicinal plants.

People are generally influenced with the latest trends, which has lead to the downfall of the product

How does it benefit

1) PureOnly Shikakai Powder is used for removal of scabies and Dandruffs as well as smoothening of body skin
2) It can help to reduce mental and physical stress
3) It can help you to eradicate excess of oil content on the skin
4) It has an ability to fight away FUNGI problems in Skins
5) This powder has to be mixed with water and used as a paste on the hair instead of shampoo.