• Why did we launch PureOnly homemade oil for babies?

    For the past 2 year, we have been getting calls from many families and they have thanked us for launching the ubtan which is very affordable for ma...
  • Using Shikakai for the first time? Read this!

    We have been selling Shikakai Powder for the past 3 years in Online and Offline. We have been noticing many people have converted from chemical based products to natural shikakai powder in the past 2 years.

  • PureOnly Egg Shell Powder for your lovable pets

    For generations, eggs were considered one of nature’s most perfect foods. Traditionally, dogs and cats have eaten eggshells straight from the nest, we also worry about what we are feeding to our pets

  • Do you know how PureOnly Egg Shell Powder can add value to your Garden? – HomeMade Homemade Plant Fertilizer

    As you all know we have launched homemade Egg shell powder which is one of effective booster for all plants.

    My grandma has easier way to make fertilizer of eggshells. My grandma advise to do the same

  • Do you still remember Shikakai Powder? How did our ancestors had a healthy hair ?

    Are you the one who is more concerned on hair growth? THEN. We live in a generation where we don’t have any option to use apart from chemical soaps and shampoos.


  • Is your baby having dry skin after bath ??

    We have been asked by many parents on “how to avoid dry skin for babies?”

    Its simple

    Instead of mixing with PureOnly ubtan powder with water, Mix it with Milk

  • Step by Step Process : Bathing your baby with PureOnly Traditional Ubtan Powder

    We have been selling it Online platforms for the past 1 year. We get so many calls and emails from our customers asking on how to bath a baby with our powder. As many are using this for the first time and many have not even heard about this baby ubtan powder
  • Story Behind PureOnly Baby Head To Toe Baby Bath Ubtan Powder – Traditional Way to Bath your Baby

    In older days our ancestors used these powders containing traditional ingredients to bath their new born babies. But today, this generation mommies have interest in these powders, but they are not aware of how to use these natural powders to their babies.
  • What PureOnly Shikakai Powder can do for you ?


    • Thick hair and lustrous look
    • Anti-fungal treatment
  • How to use PureOnly Shikakai Powder ?

    Step1: Take 2 table spoon of PureOnly Shikakai Powder. Step2: Mix it with water until it turns into a paste 

  • Why have we stopped using Shikakai Powder ?

    • Takes time to bath
    • Not aware of its benefits
    • Doesn't produce lather like shampoo