Do you know how PureOnly Egg Shell Powder can add value to your Garden? – HomeMade Homemade Plant Fertilizer

As you all know we have launched homemade Egg shell powder which is one of effective booster for all plants.

My grandma has easier way to make fertilizer of eggshells. My grandma advise to do the same


Eggshells are primarily made out of calcium carbonate, which is the ingredient found in agricultural lime

Eggshells Powder are an excellent way to introduce this mineral into the soil

Eggshells Powder will reduce the acidity of your soil and help to aerate it

How does it benefits your plants in your Garden?

1) Plants need calcium to thrive. Calcium helps the plants develop a strong cellular structure

2) In fruiting plants, such as tomatoes, a lack of calcium is evident when the fruits develop blossom end rot, or a thin, dark spot on the bottom of the fruit.

3) An additional benefit of eggshells in the garden is that larger shell pieces help deter slugs

4) You can also Use eggshells for mulching, inexpensive and effective way to mulch the plants. One more advantage is that eggshells look like pebbles from far and add decorative element if you spread them on pots

Do purchase here in PureOnly Egg Shell Powder.

We have till 25 KG of Variants

How do i use for my Plants:

Spread this PureOnly Egg Shell powder at the surface of your crop or ornamental plants and incorporate the soil by a light scratching

Apply 2 spoons of Egg Shell Powder along with water once in two days.


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