Do you still remember Shikakai Powder? How did our ancestors had a healthy hair ?

Are you the one who is more concerned on hair growth? THEN


We live in a generation where we don’t have any option to use apart from chemical soaps and shampoos



Before launching “PureOnly Shikakai Powder“, We had a large research in speaking with many peoples and 90% of them use Chemical Shampoos and soaps. But most of them are not aware that it will spoil their hair in near future in some or the other ways. When asked for the reason, they said it saves time in washing their hair with Shampoos and many said that bathing with Shikakai takes more time to wash and some said its stinky.


We also had a research with current generation kids and they don’t even know the word Shikakai. Off-course we spoke with some foreigners outside our country and they doesn’t know anything apart from Shampoos


That’s really disappointing for many of our ancestors who has given this wonderful product to us and it’s our responsibilities to take this to next generation. When we launched Shikakai Powder in the market, many have discouraged saying “Shikakai is old, nobody will buy and use it“. As a family, we have been experiencing the benefits of shikakai for past 50 years at home. Our important motive is to make each and every people to experience the same benefits of shikakai as we did.

This is how PureOnly homemade shikakai powder got launched


Nowadays we call it as “Soapnuts” and the ancient texts describe what we call in modern times as “Ubtan” It has lot of medicinal values and can grow in poor soil conditions.  When there is no Chemicals soaps and shampoos, people use to bath with “Ubtan Powders” and most our ancestors hair was so healthy. 



In current generation, we see age starting from 15 having white hair or dandruff’s or hair fall etc. That’s really sad to read these facts

This below are just a personal experience and not a medical advise!

Note: From our personal experience in our home, we can say that original shikakai powder do not “Foam”, but does an awesome job of cleaning & moisturizing!  

Our Suggestion Applying Natural Coconut oil + Shikakai Powder twice in a week = 90% percent you will be away from hair problems for sure

Before applying Shikakai Powder, apply Natural Coconut oil for your hair for 15 – 20 mins and wash your hair. 


Note: Do not take any chemical soaps, shampoos or lotions to your hair

When we started, we sold only 1 or 2 bottles in a month before 2 years and Now we see so many are switching back to Shikakai Powder and right now we are seeing a good growth in using Shikakai Powder by many people especially in men and many wants to know what is shikakai and how does it benefit hair especially we see minor penetration from abroad countries who is adopting to use Shikakai Powder

Before launching, we supply to our nearby relatives and friends whom we know, but many people around the world calls up to say that have some or the other benefits from using our PureOnly Shikakai Powder.

We get lot of reviews in different platforms about our product. We would like to share some of the reviews for you to understand the powder of shikakai powders

We would request you to try out Shikakai Powders if you get somewhere near your local shops. 


If you want to give a try to our products, we are available in many online platforms.

If you are using our Shikakai Powder or If you are doing the same process in your home. Do share us in comments

Are you the one who loves using shikakai powder for your hair? Seeing good benefits?. Share us your experience in comments, Lets share about the power of Shikakai Powder to the world

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