Why did we launch PureOnly homemade oil for babies?

For the past 2 year, we have been getting calls from many families and they have thanked us for launching the ubtan which is very affordable for many families in India and more than 500 families are using our pureonly ubtan for their babies and also using for parents while bathing

For the past 1 year, many parents were asking us to make homemade oil for babies. as many parents were confused about which oil to buy.

So we have researched for 6 months and tried with different herbs and tried and we have given the sample oil to our friends and Neighborhoods. Most of them gave a positive feedback and we thought to launch as a brand. PureOnly 



We launched PureOnly on December 2019. We have seen many parents writing to us on their feedback's.


What are the benefits that you get by using:

1) We have added with 10 Herbals mixing with hot cold pressed oil

2) Increase in hair growth

3) Natural fragrance

4) Prevents Hairfall and dandruff

5) Cold pressed oil is rich in Vitamin C

6) No harm with this ingredients.

Can adults use? 

 Yes, even adults can use

If you are already used our baby oil, do share your feedback. 

You can purchase here: PureOnly baby oil



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