Step by Step Process : Bathing your baby with PureOnly Traditional Ubtan Powder

We have been selling it Online platforms for the past 1 year. We get so many calls and emails from our customers asking on how to bath a baby with our powder. As many are using this for the first time and many have not even heard about this baby ubtan powder

We thought to share you with the step by step process. As a family, our grandmothers used these powders to bath us when we are a kid. Our goal is to make all mothers to experience the same

About us: We are a home grown, a startup from our own backyard of our ancestors home in a village in TamilNadu Ubtan powder is one of the familiar baths for babies in olden days by our ancestors when there were no soaps and shampoos. Most mothers still choose a natural ubtan rather than choosing a fancy soap for infants.

Still many mothers don’t have options to use other than fancy soaps and shampoos. Traditional bathing customs for a newborn baby can vary from region to region Ubtan Powder is made in such a way that is believed to lighten a baby’s complexions We are going to show how to bath you baby with PureOnly ubtan powder. We made with 6 Natural ingredients. What are the ingredients do we add in making it as fine powder: WholeGreenGram + Fenygreek + Neem leaves + SoapNuts + VettiVer + Dal + Sweetflag

Our Process: We dry all the ingredients in hot sun for 10 – 15 days and dry up.

1) Take 2 spoon of powder from PureOnly Ubtan Powder



2) Add natural water or anything you prefer like milk, rose water etc (Make sure that don’t add any chemical based liquid or water)

3) Make it as a paste and apply on your baby body, (Can also be used for Hair) 


4) Apply this paste from your baby Head-To-Toe and gently massage your baby and we are sure your baby will like this aromatic natural smell from this ubtan powders

5) Now you can bath you baby with water.

This Powder can be used every day for your babies if you are looking to grow your baby naturally

Suggestions: Apply Natural coconut oil from Head – to -Toe before applying this ubtan powder. Follow these twice a week. Gives your baby a cooling effect especially in Summer seasons

What are the key benefits from using PureOnly Ubtan Powders?

1) First and foremost, you are safe from chemical usage for your baby

2) Brightens the skins for Babies, Continuous using of this will help in protecting from acne and future skin problems for Babies

3) For glowing skin fenugreek seeds are wonderful, especially for babies, using chemicals and brightening the skin will not have high impact.

4) Removes oil from skin, removes all dead cells dirt and grime revealing a fresh layer of the skin

5) Neem proves to be a miracle for people with problematic skin, thanks to its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties

6) Soap nuts will be helpful for skin instead of soap to have gentler effects in the skin

7) Protects your baby hair from falling or it prevents your baby from dandruffs and gives a stunning and shiny look hair for Babies 8) Like most Herbal plants, Vettiver contains antioxidants, which helps to protect skin from environmental stressors and Gives more fragrance for babies

Frequently Aaked Questions:

  1. When can I start using for my baby: You can start using this powder for your baby after 15 – 20 days after birth
  2. Is it girl or Boy baby? : Can be used for both gender infants
  3. Can i use this instead of soaps and shampoos: Yes
  4. Can we use this ubtan powder for baby hair: Yes
  5. Can i use this powder everyday: Yes, You can
  6. Does it change skin color of my baby: No it doesn’t change any color. Rather it gives a healthy and glowing Skin
  7. Can i mix with any chemical Soaps or Shampoos: No Soaps and Shampoos are filled with Chemicals. This PureOnly Ubtan Powder is an alternative to Soaps and Shampoos
  8. Can adults use this powder:  Yes you can. 

How and where to buy: If you are looking to buy in bulk: Please email to Most of our sales happen in Online. To purchase Online: Type “ PureOnly Bath Powder Online ”, Purchase from your safest and convenient website

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